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Robert Winston – Improve Your Learning

IMPROVE YOUR LEARNING.   We all can improve how we learn.  We learn fastest when young, but we can continue effective learning into old age.  If we keep learning we are likely to be healthier, happier and have a useful, longer life.  This exciting, illustrated talk shows how recent research highlights ... More

Kindred Spirit

  The Kindred Spirit Band sound is special and distinctive, driven by "haunting and bewitching" female vocals, guitar, two classically trained , virtuoso, lead instrument players (on violin and flute / sax), dynamic, driving drums and bass guitar and laced with jigs, reels and duelling improvisations. This progress... More

Richmond Film Society Presents: Outside the Law

About Richmond Film Society Richmond Film Society was formed in 1963 and has since screened over 770 films. Our objective was, and remains, to bring our community the very best in World Cinema. Our seasons run from September to April and comprise 15 films of international repute, typically drawing an aggregate audience of ... More

Kathy Lette’s Girls’ Night Out

KATHY LETTE’S  GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT  “Women are each other’s human wonder bras – uplifting, supportive and making each other look bigger and better.” So says Kathy Lette, funny, feminist author, who invites you to her new show, Girls’ Night Out. It’s a psychological strip tease taking us from Puberty ... More